Capturing Moments in a Unique and Visually Captivating way.

I am a passionate and experienced photo and video content creator, specializing in capturing moments through a unique creative lens.

With over a Decade of expertise in photography and videography, I have worked on diverse projects including weddings, events, travel, and lifestyle shoots.

My keen eye for detail, storytelling, and strong aesthetic sense enable me to deliver visually stunning content that tells a compelling story.

From conceptualization to execution, I excel in planning and executing photo and video shoots. Using various cameras, lenses, and editing software, I bring my creative visions to life.

Additionally, I possess proficiency in virtual photography, a rapidly emerging field that combines my passion for visual art. I create immersive virtual images showcasing digital worlds, skillfully capturing landscapes, characters, and objects with attention to lighting, composition, and post-processing.

As a dedicated photo and video content creator and virtual photographer, my goal is to produce exceptional results that resonate with my audience.

Each shot I take is a storytelling image that goes beyond capturing the moment.

I am always ready for new challenges, eager to explore fresh ideas, and excited to collaborate on creating something extraordinary together.

Photo and Video Content Creator.


With a strong skill set in using various cameras, lenses, and editing software, Femilee efficiently brings creative visions to life.


My creativity sets me apart, as I have a keen eye for composition, lighting, and capturing emotional moments. I excel at utilizing angles, perspectives, and visual storytelling to create compelling narratives. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or commercial project, I bring a unique and artistic vision


Over the past 10 years, I have successfully worked on various projects, gaining valuable knowledge and honing their skills.

I can help you with

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Wedding Photography


Portrait Photography

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Corporate Photography

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Our Happy Clients!

Having worked on projects together as creatives. Femi is one guy I will always want to work with. His dedication and passion for his job are impressive. Always attentive to details and understands whatever assignment is requested of him. I must say that Femi is never about himself but to see the people he works with happy and satisfied. I can't wait to work on bigger projects with him
Frank Lenz
Frank Lenz
Mr Femilee is someone I have so much regard for because of the expertise, tenacity and commitment he puts into his work. He is a great team player who pays keen attention to details and knows how to bring life to your events through his photography and cinematography skills. I highly recommend him for your future events.
Damilola Felicia Badmus
Damilola Felicia Badmus
FEMILEE is an exceptional photographer and videographer, He's an expert at visual storytelling and corporate pictures. One thing I love about him is that he's calm, patient and always aim for the best shot and pose which communicates excellence in his works. You should reach out to him for your Corporate pictures, event photography and videography. What to expect? The best 💯
Oluwaseun Gabby AkinolaOluwaseun Gabby Akinola
Oluwaseun 'Gabby

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